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Thank you, Australia.

The past few months have been tough for many of us. We haven’t been able to see our friends and our families. We’ve put in a huge effort to help keep Australia safe and healthy. Think of the people that have been instrumental in keeping our way of life together, to help us get through these strange times, and to take care of us when things get hard.

So, let’s take a moment to say “thank you, Australia”.

Thank you to our healthcare workers.

Without you on the frontline, working the hours that you do for us, and to keep us all healthy, distanced, and aware; we wouldn’t have flattened the curve.

Thank you to our parents, friends, families and carers.

From taking care of our loved ones, keeping our children safe, and giving us unconditional love – even over Zoom calls – we are grateful for all that you do.

Thank you to our teachers.

You’ve worked crazy hours to change the way our children learn. To keep Australians engaged and active online. And you’ve stayed behind to make sure the kids that need you the most get the education they deserve.

Thank you to our remote workers.

You’ve changed the way you do things, just to keep Australia safe. To prevent the spread of viruses in our cities and towns. We’re grateful to all of our everyday heroes.

Thank you to our essential workers.

To keep Australians fed, watered and medicated. Monitoring the ins and outs of the public and enforcing social distancing. These are new and strange responsibilities, but together, we’ve helped slow the spread. Thank you.

Thank you to our farmers.

From braving Australia’s worst bushfire season to stepping up to keep us all fed in times of crisis. For providing companies such as ours with the best that this wide, brown, land has to offer. Australia owes our agricultural industry the height of gratitude.

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