Christmas 2014 Hampers On Sale Now!

It’s the biggest piece of news of the year.

We’ve just launched our new range of Christmas hampers, and to say that they’re a little bit special is the understatement of the century. Gift Sensations has been in the business for 15 years (more on this later) and every effort has been made to make this years’ Christmas hampers nothing short of incredible. (It’s also why we’ve unfortunately not posted on our blog for quite a while – not withstanding our move to the beautiful Central Coast, of course – again, more on that later!) Continue reading

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

… which is why, ladies, you should most definitely #forgetflowers when thinking of a gift for your man this Valentine’s Day! Not that we’ve tried eating roses, mind you, but the mere thought of thorns on your tongue is enough to make anyone cringe. But that’s far from the only reason to think differently, and consider giving him a Gift Sensations Valentine’s Day gift basket. Here are some more:

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Why to #forgetflowers this Valentine’s Day

Couples of Australia, we feel your pain.

Whatever could be the perfect opportunity to set aflame the burning, passionate fires of love at whatever stage your relationship may be in – whether you’re nervously awaiting the second date, are soon expecting to be engaged, or have been happily married for thirty years. But for all these people, there are two days of the year that simply cannot be ignored for the sake of your relationship – your anniversary, and Valentine’s Day.

Forgetting Valentine’s Day is often quite embarrassing, but it happens all too often – except at the very last minute, the “oh snap, I need to do something!” moment. In despair, you’ll find that all your partner’s favourite restaurants are booked out, so the next best thing is to get a gift. Continue reading

What we’ve got in store for 2014!

Our blogger, Elizabeth Sailing.
A warm welcome to all of our lovely customers and visitors as we kick off a brand new year! Gift Sensations finished 2013 off with one of our most successful Christmasses yet, we’re still sifting through a mountain of thank-you emails even into the middle of January! We’re all really glad that we could help make your Christmas amazing, so we’d like to say thank-you back in the best way possible – with a sale!

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Recipe Book: Chicken Enchiladas

Delicious Enchiladas

We got the idea for this recipe after trying a new batch of Beerenberg Hot Tomato Chutney. It’s available in our For the Lads gift basket, and you can also get it directly online from Beerenberg. Compared to any chutney we’d tried before, this one hit the tongue with a lively, intense heat that immediately sparked one thought – “this would make the best Mexican dishes, ever.”

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What to do for Baby’s first birthday?

Happy Birthday Cake

Finding the right gift for a baby’s first birthday is sometimes a difficult task. The first birthday is a very important milestone in a child’s life, as it will likely be the first time since birth that all of baby’s family, family friends and their children all gather around to celebrate their first year of bouncing around, being cute! As one of those family members or friends, however, all eyes will be on you to give the best first birthday gift you possibly can!

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Keeping babies clean!

Baby products in Baby Gift Sensations hampers
All throughout the day, it is in the nature of very young children to get a little bit messy and dirty. Whether it’s an excess of dribble, a mess of milk or a particularly pooey nappy, baby’s everyday mishaps mean that it is of special importance to keep baby clean.

A dirty baby is an uncomfortable baby, as he or she may begin to feel restless particularly if experiencing the dreaded nappy rash. At Baby Gift Sensations we understand the importance of keeping baby clean and smelling sweet (like a baby should!), so almost each one of our baby gift boxes and baskets is bundled with some form of baby cleaning item.

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