How do I place an order with Gift Sensations?

You can order online by browsing our numerous categories to find the gift basket you’re looking for. Hover over “Shop” on the navigation bar above to start. Once you’ve found the perfect gift, click ‘Add to Basket’ and place your order with our easy-to-use Single Step Checkout.

If you’d rather place your order by telephone, you can do that too! Our telephone number is 1300 88 50 88, and we’re open to take your calls from 9AM to 5PM AEST, Monday to Friday. You can also send us an email, at sales@giftsensations.com.au.

I would like to place a large order for multiple gift baskets, how do I do that?

Whether you want five gift baskets or five hundred, we will accommodate your requests and work with you to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with what you’re getting (or giving, we should say!). We have a team of dedicated Corporate Gifting Specialists who will be personally overseeing your order every step of the way. For more information about placing corporate orders or bulk orders with Gift Sensations, take a look at this page.

We supply an easy-to-use order form to assist with your gifting requirements, however if you’d prefer to use your own spreadsheet, ERP data or just want to let us know what you’d like to order via email, that’s fine too.

Can Gift Sensations send gift baskets outside Australia?

No – due to standard customs procedures when transporting goods overseas it’s difficult to guarantee the delivery of gift baskets to locations outside of Australia. As such, Gift Sensations can only deliver gift baskets within all of mainland Australia, and Tasmania. If you want to send a gift to a country outside of Australia, please use a service local to that country. Talk to one of our Corporate Gifting Specialists for advice, we’re happy to make recommendations for overseas gift basket companies.

I live outside Australia and would like to send a gift basket to Australia. Can I order from Gift Sensations?

Absolutely! We accept orders from all over the world. If placing an order online, any international VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card will be accepted by our secure checkout. (Please note that we’re unable to support other credit cards such as Discover, AliPay and UnionPay at this time). If you have any enquiries, please feel free to call our international phone number on +612 9098 8954. Please keep in mind we’ll only be able to take your call from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEST, so please time your phone call accordingly – we don’t want to miss you!

If you are placing your order online from North America or South America for delivery in Australia, please ensure it is at least one day earlier than the time and date given in the checkout. Sydney, Australia is almost one day ahead of the Americas (depending on your local east or west coast time zones, etc). For example, on a Monday evening in the US, it is a Tuesday afternoon in Sydney, Australia.

Can I personalise my gift basket?

All Gift Sensations gift baskets come free with a personalised gift card, where you can write your own message for your valued recipient. Gift baskets purchased online are sold as-is, however if you would like to alter the contents of any gift basket please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 88 50 88.


I’ve got a question about delivery.

Please refer to our Delivery Information page. If you still require further information or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 88 50 88.


Can I be sure that what I see in the picture is what I get?

Sometimes, due to seasonal manufacturing or importing, we may not have access to some of the products used in our gourmet food and wine gift baskets. So, we reserve the right to substitute products in your hamper with other, very similar products which are always of equal or greater value. Flagship products such as wine will never be altered, and in gift baskets that have dietary requirements (such as gluten free), again, we will not alter the products to ensure the integrity of the requirements are satisfied. We only want your recipient to have the best and freshest gourmet products available!

How are Gift Sensations gift baskets presented?

Packaging methods are always mentioned in the description on the hamper’s product page. Generally, hampers will be presented as follows:

  1. In our signature golden gift box, emblazoned with chartreuse ribbon displaying your personalised greeting card. Most Gift Sensations hampers are presented in this manner.
  2. In a sleek timber display crate, showcasing the gourmet food and wine within; emblazoned with chartreuse ribbon displaying your personalised greeting card.
  3. In a classical wicker basket, showcasing the gourmet food and wine within; emblazoned with chartreuse ribbon displaying your personalised greeting card. This method is reserved for the larger, more exclusive gift hampers in our range.

From time to time, we also offer special gifts showcased in other packages – including Champagne ice buckets (without the ice!), promotional bags and backpacks and smaller classical baskets.