Gluten Free Gift Baskets

It’s unfortunate that many people have allergies and need to stick to restricted diets in order not to aggravate them. Coeliac Disease is common in Australia – Coeliac Australia estimates that 160,000 Australians are Coeliac, which means their bodies can’t process gluten. Unfortunately this segment of the population can’t eat many things commonly found in gift baskets. But finding the perfect gift for somebody sticking to a gluten free diet does not need to be difficult. Gift Sensations specialises in offering great value gourmet gluten free gift baskets that you can be confident that everybody can enjoy.

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All products in these fine gourmet hampers are listed as gluten free by the manufacturers. The products in these gifts are made with quality gluten free ingredients, such as tapioca flour. No compromises are made on taste or quality; it makes these gifts a joy to give to Coeliacs and non-Coeliacs alike.

Many of the products in these hampers, like chocolates, can be found in our usual hamper range. Our gluten free gift baskets simply consist of only gluten free products. And better yet, most of the products in our gluten free hampers are made in Australia with pride.

All gluten free gift baskets sold by Gift Sensations are provided with a gift tag informing the recipient that their gift is indeed gluten free. If you have any questions about your gluten free gift giving requirements – please feel free to contact us on 1300 88 50 88.