Our gift baskets are filled with nothing but the best in gourmet food.

Let’s learn a bit about our gourmet food and wine partners.

At Gift Sensations, we’re a proud Aussie business. We’re privileged to have facilities in the Central Coast and the gorgeous Hunter Valley, home to some of the world’s finest food and wine producers, both large and small. However, the world of gourmet extends beyond our humble neighbours; our mission is to bring the best of regional Australian gourmet to you, our valued customers, in our gourmet gift baskets.

It’s all about taste.

What’s most important to us is taste, not fancy packaging. And there’s not one product you’ll find in any of our hampers that hasn’t been rigorously taste-tested and approved by us.

Just ask our Products and Floor Manager, Elizabeth. She’s an experienced chef skilled in the art of delighting masses of people with creative, multi-cultural dishes. Most of the products we’ve cultivated to share with you in our gift baskets originate from her bustling gourmet pantry.

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

The multi-award winning Tamburlaine Organic Wines are close neighbours with Gift Sensations Hunter Valley premises We are delighted to include their world class selections in our gourmet gift baskets range. Tamburlaine is a unique winery that has sustainability at the core of their ethos; using pesticide-free soil and a natural winemaking process that limits the use of preservatives.

Elizabeth Says: We love sharing Tamburlaine’s unique winemaking process with our customers. They truly produce wine that’s good for the Earth. My favourite is their ‘Full House’, a celebration of all red wine varietals.

Tamburlaine’s Cellar Door in Pokolbin, NSW, is a gorgeous winery well worth a visit; in the meantime, check out their website: Tamburlaine Organic Wines

The Treat Factory in Berry

The picturesque town of Berry in the South Coast of NSW is renowned for its green rolling hills as it is for its gourmet providence. For 25 years, The Treat Factory in Berry has been producing stellar conserves, condiments, Belgian style chocolate and spice blends under the Maxwells Treats label. And you’ll find an impressive selection of their products in our gourmet gift baskets.

Elizabeth Says: The Treat Factory is responsible for some of the most unique gourmet products that have ever graced my kitchen. Fresh South Coast fruit and old-fashioned country know-how result in creative products we love to share, such as their Ruby Grapefruit marmalade.

If you ever find yourself touring the South Coast of NSW, do not miss a stop at the historic Treat Factory; it’s only two hours south of Sydney. But if you can’t get there in the meantime, do visit their website: The Treat Factory

The Byron Bay Chocolate Company

You cannot mention the word ‘gourmet’ in Australia without some kind of contribution from Byron Bay, NSW. The Byron Bay Chocolate Company’s handmade chocolate creations feature heavily in our gourmet gift baskets. Because they’re family owned and operated with a strong emphasis on local ingredients, there’s nothing not to love.

Elizabeth Says: Byron Bay is famous for macadamias, so we can’t look past Byron Bay Chocolate Company’s chocolate-coated macadamias; there’s nothing fresher. I love knowing the source of my chocolate to ensure that we’re selling an ethical, quality product.

For more information, check out their very chocolate-y website: The Byron Bay Chocolate Company

Tucker’s Natural

Our gourmet gift baskets wouldn’t be complete without gourmet snacks like crackers. Tucker’s Natural are an award winning kitchen based in Adelaide. They provide us with modern Australian inspired fusions using natural, traditional ingredients.

Elizabeth Says: Tucker’s Natural excels in creating gourmet experiences. Their cheese pairings, such as crackers and fruit pastes, are among the finest available.

For more information, have a look at what makes Tucker’s biscuits the best in the business: Tucker’s Natural

Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods

We’ve got a bit of a theme; most of our suppliers are from rural or regional Australia. It’s where creativity meets simplicity, and the freshest local produce makes its way towards creating some seriously flavoursome experiences.

Elizabeth Says: My favourite Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods product has to be the roasted capsicum and chilli relish. I love cooking with spice, and the roasted capsicum lends every dish an earthy, refined finish.

For more information, and to buy some of their products for yourself, take a look at: Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods

The Byron Bay Coffee Company

The hinterlands of Byron Bay are fertile and full of life – a perfect location to begin a coffee plantation. The Byron Bay Coffee Company takes full advantage of the area’s natural gifts. From plantation to packing to roasting, you can be well assured that the entire process is strictly local.

Elizabeth Says: It’s not just about coffee. The Byron Bay Coffee Company makes plenty of chocolate infusions, such as chocolate coated coffee beans and local macadamias. Check them out in our hampers!

To learn more about coffee done the Byron way, take a look at their website: Byron Bay Coffee Co.

True gourmet in a box.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the journey. We’ve listed just a few of our many, many suppliers that we partner with to bring the best of gourmet Australia to your lucky recipients. So with this in mind, make sure to look through our entire hamper range to discover them all.