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Gifts to lift our spirits in Isolation and Social Distancing

We are living in troubling times at the moment. With the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we’re all rapidly shifting to a strange new world. Working from home is the new normal with the capital cities’ office blocks shutting down; while this has its own benefits, we are unfortunately seeing events cancelled in the name of social distancing – weddings, birthdays, celebrations. We humans are social creatures, and to have this taken away from us because of this awful pandemic, is especially draining on our collective mental health, not to mention our innate curiosity to discover new things and see the world.

Fortunately, the powers of technology and community are here to help. Pick up the phone, and call your loved ones to say you’re thinking of them. Visit your elderly neighbour and offer a helping hand; whether it’s the gardening or setting up FaceTime or WhatsApp to keep in touch with their loved ones. And never forget the power of touch; something tangible to show that you care.

So, the good news is that online shopping in Australia is equipped to survive the pandemic; delivery and courier services are considered ‘essential’ so won’t be affected by government lockdowns. If you’re thinking of a loved one, think about what would make them smile. As so many of us are going to be self-isolating at home for the foreseeable future, why not consider:

  • Something for around the house.
  • Equipment to help kick-start a new hobby.
  • A good book… or several.
  • It’ll be hard to go to the gym soon; why not some great quality exercise equipment?
  • Things that’ll help them relax at home, like candles or a new bathrobe.
  • Some of their favourite beers, wines or spirits.
  • A ‘care package’ of snacks and other essential foods to avoid the pandemonium of the supermarket. (A little note from us – please be compassionate and considerate of others at the supermarket. Trust us – we’re in the food business – Australia is not going to run out of food. Stop panic buying!)

At Gift Sensations, we can help with – at the very least – the last three on the list! See below for some of our recommendations as great gifts to give amidst the Coronavirus crisis. If you need more inspiration, take a look at our entire range of gourmet gift baskets.

So, from all of us at Gift Sensations, please take care of your families and stay safe. We are absolutely committed to continuing to send gifts all over Australia now and into the future; not to mention that we’ve got a steady supply of delicious gourmet food from our valued suppliers. If you can’t be there to show your regards in person, we’re here to help.

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