What we’ve got in store for 2014!

Our blogger, Elizabeth Sailing.
A warm welcome to all of our lovely customers and visitors as we kick off a brand new year! Gift Sensations finished 2013 off with one of our most successful Christmasses yet, we’re still sifting through a mountain of thank-you emails even into the middle of January! We’re all really glad that we could help make your Christmas amazing, so we’d like to say thank-you back in the best way possible – with a sale!

Yes, we might be a little crazy. From now until 28th February, you can enjoy a 15% discount on our entire range of gourmet food and wine gift baskets!

Summer’s as great a time as any to kick back and relax, enjoy life, or in the case of this weekend sit and reflect on how great it is to be Australian! :) By the way, we can help in that regard – why not quickly order an all-Aussie hamper like Australian Gourmet or Beer and Wine, Simply Divine for you, your family and friends to nibble and sip on while you wait to get some lamb chops cooking (gotta make Sam Kekovich proud!)…

And on the subject of lamb chops, feedback from our customers last year is that they love our gourmet options such as sauces, dressings, make-your-own dip kits and not to mention exotic delights like Middle Eastern dukkahs and Indian and Asian snacks. We’ll be making a conscious effort to bring you more of these wonderful morsels this year, which complements our traditional chocolate and sweet-rich range of products. They’re also the best option for the hot Aussie summer – speaking as someone that used to live in hot, dry Perth – we don’t recommend sending chocolatey (read: melty!) gifts to heatwave stricken parts of the country so do make sure to check the weather before sending your gift!

Also keep a lookout for our upcoming range of Valentine’s Day gifts – it is the summer of love after all!


Take care everyone,


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