Introducing Gift Sensations Mobile

iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy running Gift Sensations Mobile.

We’re excited to finally announce our brand new website for mobile phones! Now it’s so much easier to order gifts on the go because this new website has been designed from the ground up to be used in the palm of your hand. Simply hop on to from your smartphone to have a look!

If you use your smartphone a lot (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you’ll probably be well aware that there are two general categories of websites – ‘Desktop Sites’ and ‘Mobile Optimised Sites’. The difference is very easy to see. When browsing desktop sites on your phone, all the text and pictures will be tiny and you’ll have to pinch and zoom all over the place in order to read and see them. Mobile Optimised sites, like the new Gift Sensations Mobile site, are more like apps you can get from the App Store and on a smaller phone screen are a lot more efficient and friendly to use!

Screenshot of Gift Sensations MobileYour next gift will literally be at your fingertips as our new site gives you easy access to every hamper – or if you prefer, tap our number to give us a call, you are browsing on a mobile phone after all! Every one of our hampers, categories and pieces of essential information have all been carried across to this new site faithfully, with the same easy ordering process as you currently experience on PCs.

It’s worth keeping in mind that our computer systems are so intelligent that they will decide to automatically serve you either the traditional, large format Gift Sensations site you know and love or our new mobile site – based on the screen size of the device you’re using!┬áBecause of this, you’ll only be able to see our new mobile site on a smartphone – if you’re using a desktop, laptop or iPad you’ll get the traditional site.

The experience is even better if you have an iPhone 4 or newer with the Retina display, or similar Android and Windows phones with ultrasharp screens. Unlike a lot of un-optimised web sites which serve blurry images to phones, our images are optimised for your screens, meaning all images are vibrant and crystal clear.

We’re happy with the final result, but as always if you have any feedback to give with your shopping or browsing experience with our new mobile site, we would absolutely love to hear it! Spotted a bug or a glitch? Seen anything in other mobile sites or apps that you’d like to see in this? Maybe it doesn’t look quite right on your exact model of phone? Or perhaps you’d like to tell us how easy it is to use :) Post a quick comment on this blog post or on our Facebook page to tell us what you think! We’re always keen to hear from you!

iPhone 4S Gift Sensations


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