Gluten Free Myths Busted!

Gluten Free Gift Basket

Gift Sensations has Australia’s most unique and diverse range of gluten free gift baskets, as seen here. Many customers ask us, though, why do we offer this special range of gifts – and what is the difference between our gluten free hampers and our standard range?

We’re glad you asked.

Gluten free diets are followed by a group of people who are born with an unfortunate disorder called Coeliac Disease. Sufferers of Coeliac disease observe a nasty inflammatory reaction to the intestines when exposed to a class of proteins called ‘gliadin’, present in conjunction with the more well known ‘gluten’ which is present in wheat.

Our need to provide Australians with gluten-free gifts stemmed from a new friend, who we didn’t realise could not eat some of the products we placed in her Christmas gift! Mortified, with respect to her and the 160,000 other Australians who suffer from Coeliac disease (see Coeliac Australia for more information) we created a series of gluten-free gifts that everyone will be able to enjoy. But back to the point, we do get asked time and time again a lot of questions, and today we’ll answer them for you!


Myth 1: Gluten free foods don’t taste as good.

Who told you that whopper?! If you had a look at our Gluten Free range (linked above), you’ll see that a few of the products are the same as in our normal range. That’s right, you mightn’t have even noticed that our sauces and nuts and muesli was gluten free in the first place! But in addition to that, our specifically gluten free foods such as snack bars and cookies still taste amazing, they’re just made with different processes and ingredients. For example, Snowy Mountains Cookies are gluten free, and win awards on taste alone! Now… I’m getting hungry.


Myth 2: Gluten free foods are healthier.

Well, uh, that’s not quite what we want to admit, but a little indulgence never hurt anyone! (Just a little.) Gluten free foods are not inherently “healthier” or “unhealthier” than non-gluten free foods, they just have the added benefit of being suitable for Coeliac disease sufferers to eat.


Myth 3: Gluten free foods cost more.

Nope! It doesn’t cost any extra for food manufacturers to just not use glutinous wheat. Our newest gift, Rise & Shine (Gluten Free) Gift Basket, at less than $60 during our current sale is amazing value for money next to its peers and is filled with delicious, top-quality goodies!

So if you have a recipient in mind that might be suffering from Coeliac disease and hence needs a gluten-free diet, you know where to look for your gift giving. Other gift basket companies offer gluten free gifts as an afterthought, and it shows when your recipient receives a disappointing little mix of hastily cobbled together products that have “Gluten Free” written on the label. All Gift Sensations gluten free hampers are filled with the same care and attention to detail as any others, and we can definitely recommend them to non-Coeliacs as well!

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