Hamper Dissection – Gourmet du Village Dips

Gourmet Du Village Dip Mix

Here at Gift Sensations, we’re all self-confessed foodies. We thrive in those unusual stores built primarily to serve the locals in Sydney’s cultural hotspots such as Leichhardt and Auburn, constantly in pursuit of the next greatest spice, dip or condiment that will take our cookery to the next level.

I host a fair few dinner parties, and the staple for entertaining is always the humble selection of crackers, carrot sticks and dips. Sometimes I create my own, and at other times when I’m in a hurry or really need to focus on the main meal, a trip to Coles or Woolies is in order to get one off the shelf!

There is a great middle ground, though, and it’s so good we’ve started to include it in our gourmet-focused hampers like A Taste Of Gourmet ($89.95). It’s a unique product from a boutique Quebecois artisan house called Gourmet du Village. Sticking to their French heritage, the Canadians have created a number of traditional French recipe-inspired dip mixes with some truly interesting flavours, including roast pepper, roasted garlic, and lemon and dill pickle.

They’re really easy to use, but unlike a ready-made dip, you’ve still got a bit of creative control if you so desire. Each packet of dip mix comes with a suggested recipe (don’t worry – it’s in English… well, and French too) where you’d typically add sour cream, yoghurt or other everyday fridge items. Typically, you’d serve them with fresh, raw vegetables, corn chips, crackers or potato chips. The result is always heaven – it’s certainly got my dinner party guests talking!

You can find Gourmet du Village’s range of dip mixes in these hampers:

Cider By The Stream ($89.95)

A Taste Of Gourmet ($89.95)

Don’t worry, though! Since this product is still new we’ll be adding it to more hampers as we see fit.

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