Keeping babies clean!

Baby products in Baby Gift Sensations hampers
All throughout the day, it is in the nature of very young children to get a little bit messy and dirty. Whether it’s an excess of dribble, a mess of milk or a particularly pooey nappy, baby’s everyday mishaps mean that it is of special importance to keep baby clean.

A dirty baby is an uncomfortable baby, as he or she may begin to feel restless particularly if experiencing the dreaded nappy rash. At Baby Gift Sensations we understand the importance of keeping baby clean and smelling sweet (like a baby should!), so almost each one of our baby gift boxes and baskets is bundled with some form of baby cleaning item.

Gift boxes such as Baby Essentials and Baby Love contain a product called baby body milk, from Baby Face. Applied daily to baby’s face and body, not only does it help to sooth baby’s skin, it’s all natural formula is delicately scented with the sweet smell of fresh pear. Being a natural product, it leaves baby’s skin all gentle and cuddly, and leaves behind no oily residue which is often the case when applying lesser products to baby’s delicate skin.

Baby Face also makes a Fresh Pear Baby Wash and a Bum Balm, the latter which is formulated to help protect against nasty rashes. These products can be found in Mummy & Me and Tender Loving Care. Many of Baby Gift Sensations’ gift baskets include towels and linens as well, to help keep baby dry and cosy after a splashy bath time.

As baby grows older, bath time still remains highly important – more so, in fact, as they reach the age where they’re more likely to explore the world on their own two feet. This is why we’ve created “Splish, Splash!” an all-occasions gift box suitable for slightly older than newborn babies, which being bath-themed contains not only Baby Face Body wash and an adorable ‘The Rainbow Fish’ face washer and towel, but also comes with a gorgeous bath book! Learn and play at the same time as getting clean, now that’s smart parenting!

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